Charlotte Convivium

The culture of food connects us with our communities and our traditions. Slow Food works to build those communities and preserve the traditions of the table. From local and regional heirloom fruits and vegetables, to farmhouse cheeses, rare animal breeds and handcrafted wine and beer, Slow Food is dedicated to joining farms to markets and marrying soulful pleasure to the table. Carlo Petrini, Slow Food's founder says, "Taste is pleasure that reasons." Our tastes are our preferences -- and we take our preferences to the marketplace. Every time you lift your fork you are sending a message to the market about your preferences.  Eat local and change the world to a place of good, clean and fair food.

Farmers Fund

The Slow Food Charlotte Farmers Fund is a commitment to helping with the continuing education of our regional farmers. Slow Food Charlotte queries our farmers for topics and specifically what authorities to bring to town to share their knowledge. The seminars, workshops or gatherings are free to farmers.

Supporting Local

When we support our local farms, they grow. Charlotte is fortunate to have local and regional food producers that populate our seasonal markets as well as a many excellent restaurants. Slow Food Charlotte is dedicated to events that educate the palate, connect the community and explore the celebration of food. Slow down so you don't miss the friends and experiences that await you.

Slow Food Charlotte created these flags to make it easy for you to find your local farmers and to educate others about the possibility that some vendors at area markets are not farmers but resellers.

Look for your local farmer flags! They are easy to spot at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market on Yorkmont, a market that allows resellers. (Resellers are folks selling fruits and vegetables from California, Mexico, Central and South America. These vendors are not farmers.)

If you can, shop at one of the area’s local markets and look for the LOCAL FARMER/LOCAL FOOD flag,

Our Team

Jamie Vega, Chair and Liaison to the National Office

Terri Kreger, Vice-Chair & Communications Director

Jessica Turner, Secretary & Treasurer 

Wendy Warren, Creative Director

Sarah Key, Director of Campaigns

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